Household Money Saving Tips – Conserve Water, Save Money

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In our present day economy, many families are looking for ways to cut the cost of their household bills. If you too are looking for ways to spend less this year, then it’s time to cut back on your household water consumption and enjoy a less frightening balance on your water bill. By following a few simple suggestions, you too can see your water bill become much cheaper.

Outdoor Water Saving Tips:

Check that your sprinklers aren’t watering the house or sidewalk.

You can be wasting a lot of water if you fail to position your sprinklers in an efficient way. By making sure that you are watering just the lawn and not your house or sidewalk, you will be able to use less water and save more money.

Water your lawn in the morning or evening.

Watering your lawn during the middle of the day is inefficient because the warmer temperatures lead to quicker evaporation. By watering your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening, less water will evaporate, allowing you to water for shorter periods of time.

Instead of washing your car in the driveway, wash in on the lawn.

If you are planning to wash your car, why not wash it on the lawn instead of in the driveway? This way, any water that is used washing your car, will automatically be reused watering the lawn.

Install a rain barrel.

Installing a rain barrel or two under your downspouts is an excellent may to conserve water and save money on your water bill. Whenever it rains, you will have a free source of water available for watering your gardens or lawn. The more rain barrels you have around your property, the longer you will be able to use free water between rainfalls.

Kitchen Water Saving Tips:

Don’t continually run the water while doing your dishes.

If you have a dual sink, fill one side with your soapy dishwater and the other side with your clear rinse water. This way, you won’t need to waste water and money while rinsing your dishes. If you have just one sink, turn the water off while you wash and turn it back on while you rinse.

When washing your vegetables, use a basin instead of running water.

A lot of water is wasted by washing vegetables under a steady stream of running water. Instead, choose to wash your vegetables in a water-filled basin. Once you are finished, this water can then be used to water your household plants.

Bathroom Water Saving Tips:

Make sure that your toilet doesn’t have a leak.

By adding some food coloring to the tank, it is easy to check for toilet leaks. If you notice the color running into the toilet bowl, you have a water leak that could be driving your water bills higher than needed. Save money by having the leak repaired.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Leaving the water running as you brush your teeth is both a waste of water and money. By simply turning off the tap while you brush, you can help both the environment and your pocketbook.

Install a low-flow toilet and shower head.

Most wasted bathroom water comes from non-efficient toilets and shower heads. Installing low-flow fixtures in both of these areas will conserve a great deal of water, saving you a bundle on your future water bills.

Laundry Room Water Saving Tips:

Only run the washing machine with a full load.

A lot of water can be wasted if you are running your washing machine too often with loads that are too small. Save a little money by waiting until you have a full load of clothes before turning on the washing machine.

Buy a more water efficient washing machine.

When it’s time to purchase your next washing machine, opt for a water saving model. This will use much less water, noticeably lowering your water bill.

General Household Water Saving Tips:

Install water saving aerators on all the faucets around your home.

Faucets without an aerator use much more water than aerated ones. By simply making sure that all of the faucets in your home have aerators correctly installed, you can save a great deal of water and money.

Fix any leaking water pipes.

If you’ve heard the tell-tale drip of a leaking water pipe or have seen its resulting puddle, it’s time to make some repairs. Over time, even just a small leak will add up to higher water bills. Get them fixed and save money.

By doing your part to lower your household’s water consumption, you will be able to lower the monthly cost of your water bills. Even if it doesn’t seem like you are reducing your water consumption substantially, you can still see the savings add up over time by simply implementing these small changes to your everyday water use.
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