Hunting for a Specialized Job Posting? Look in Your Local Trade Magazine!

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If you are a skilled professional who has been looking for the just the right kind of job, it’s time to set aside your local newspaper and start looking in your local trade magazines. Local trade magazines often contain a section for related job postings that may not be advertised in other publications, online or off.

Many businesses that are looking for skilled professionals choose to advertise in the classified sections of local trade magazines instead online or in local newspapers, because in focussing on the readers of the local trade magazines, they will be connecting with local professionals who enjoy their trade. After all, people who read trade magazines tend to be very passionate about their profession.

It is important, however, to choose trade magazines from your area whenever possible, because the more local the magazine is, the better your chance will be to find that perfect job close to home. If your area doesn’t have its own trade magazine, or if you don’t mind relocating, it could also be worth your time to check out trade magazines from other locations. National trade magazines can also be of some help, but will have a larger readership and because of this, a larger number of applications submitted to their job postings.

So, if you are looking for a career in a specialized market, but haven’t been able to find your ideal job online or in the local newspaper, you should take a look in the back of a local trade magazine. By applying for a job that has been advertised in a local trade magazine, you will be showing your potential employer that you are passionate about your chosen trade, while limiting the competition that you would otherwise have to face when applying for a position that has been advertised in other more mainstream media.
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