Volunteering – A Stepping Stone to Employment

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With today’s economy in such a rough state, many people have found themselves in need of a job. If you are one of the many people currently between jobs, or are just fresh out of school and unable to find employment, you might want to consider volunteering. Not only does it look great on a resume, but it can actually help you land a job – even in these hard times.

Now, to get the most out of volunteering, it is important to choose the right workplace to volunteer at. The company should be a reasonably sized business, preferably in the field you plan to work in down the road, and have prospects of future job openings. It’s important to look for honest businesses who support their volunteers, because the less honest ones often think of their volunteers as nothing more than free labor.

One of the most beneficial parts about volunteering is the contacts you will be making in your field. Volunteering is a great way to network yourself and show off your skills to potential employers. Even if the company that you are volunteering with isn’t currently looking for new employees, chances are, when a spot does become available, one of their volunteers is more likely to land the job.

Another important thing to remember is not to “put all your eggs in one basket”. The greater the number of places you are volunteering at, the larger your network will become. A larger network will be better able to inform you, should they hear about a suitable job becoming available. It also maximizes the chances of being hired on by one of the companies that you are currently volunteering for.

So, if you have found yourself unable to land a job, why not spend some of your free time volunteering. It’s a great way to network yourself, while showing off your work ethic and skills to potential employers. And you never know, it may just be what lands you that next paying job.

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